• Helping veterans heal.

    Our Veterans Program cures homelessness. And many times, much more.



For 28 years, Steps House has been affectionately referred to as “The Home of Unconditional Love.” With its founding principles of integrity, love, compassion, and a deep desire to help others, Steps House has opened its doors to thousands of men and women who sought refuge from the devastation caused by the disease of addiction and the ravages of homelessness.

Our 32 home sites and 140 beds provide shelter to those in East Tennessee while they find their way back to productive lives. We serve people fighting addiction or homelessness. We dedicate 40 beds to Homeless veterans.

Our programs are focused. Residents have to remain sober and as they recover, they become employed. Some stay long term, and when they do, they give back by helping others in the program. We insist upon responsibility. But we reward it with respect, independence, and opportunity.


If you need help, or know someone who does, reach out to us now, and we can tell you quickly (usually the same day) how we may be able to help. Just complete this form or give us a call Tara Harris at 865.573.7152. If you are a homeless veteran please Zack Newton at 865-609-2829

  • Call Tara Harris , Admissions Coordinato,r with any questions Please email your applications to htara1105@gmail.com or call 865-573-7152 in emergency call Jody McClurg , Director at ( 865-237-2827) his email is jodymcclurg8536@gmail.com. Thank you for your application or referral.
  • We serve Addicts, Alcoholics, and Homless Veterans. If you need our special care , call anytime.