Help us continue the unconditional love

Imagine what it means:

  • To someone who was homeless but has a shelter over his head.
  • To someone who was drowning in addiction, but now has a way out.
  • To someone who was in despair, but now has hope.

Imagine what your donation could do in the life of someone who desperately needs the basics—things we take for granted every day.

Steps House teaches financial and personal responsibility. We practice what we preach. Our staff members are superb stewards of our funds, and they continually find creative ways to make the dollars go further.

That’s why your contribution is so important. Like ripples after a stone is tossed into a pond, it expands and reaches out. Your gift may touch many lives. Your gift may even save lives.

Every donation—large or small—is greatly appreciated. Steps House is a non-profit, (501c3) corporation, so your donation may provide you with tax benefits. And every dollar we receive stays here—where it is used to take care of some of East Tennessee’s most vulnerable people, including veterans who distinguished themselves supporting our freedom.

Can you help? Click the donation button below to make a secure contribution through PayPal.

All of us at Steps House—staff and residents alike—thank you for your generosity.

Sponsor a resident with a scholarship

You can provide a life-changing opportunity for someone who is helpless and hopeless by sponsoring them with a scholarship. Donations for a scholarship can be in any amount. You can provide a scholarship for a week or a month. Every bit helps.

If you would like to sponsor a resident, click on the Sponsor a Scholarship button below.