Companies making a difference in lives

Steps House is fortunate to have excellent sponsors dedicated to helping our residents achieve their personal development goals.

Transforming Veteran Housing

Home Depot worked with Steps House to renovate eight of our homes. It was part of The Home Depot’s annual Celebration of Service, during which Team Depot volunteers transformed more than 1,000 homes for veterans across the country from 9/11 to Veterans Day.

We are extremely grateful for Home Depot’s help. The company’s donation of materials and volunteer labor allowed us to put significant funds to work for helping veterans that would have otherwise had to go to building maintenance.

Helping Mothers Recover

Renaissance Recovery Group specializes in helping mothers in their quest to overcome addiction. Its fully-licensed, women-only treatment center located in West Knoxville on Wellington Drive, offers intensive, non-residential therapy. Renaissance Recovery Group works with our women residents to provide professional guidance and support.

Become a Sponsor.
You Can Make a Life-Saving Difference.

Steps House relies on sponsors and donations to help fund our programs. Your contribution can make a decisive difference in the life of an individual in need of help.

Consider the impact of sponsorship: Your cash sponsorship can be used to provide residents with professional counseling, meals, and other essential services. Your volunteer efforts can free up funds to go to other critical needs. Your in-kind donations can provide us with the materials and equipment necessary to fulfill our mission.

We recognize our sponsors in numerous ways—through inclusion on our website and printed materials, through our meetings, and through special events that have drawn local politicians, dignitaries, and media to our facilities. Your association with a program like ours that helps people reclaim their lives can be of significant value both within your organization and to the rest of the world.

Steps House is a non-profit, (501c3) corporation, so your donation may provide you with tax benefits. And every dollar we receive stays here—where it is used to take care of some of East Tennessee’s most vulnerable people, including veterans who distinguished themselves supporting our freedom.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, call Patrick White at 865.201.5315 or email us here.